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Your Home Storm Damage Checklist

The wind whirling, rain coming down in buckets, and dark gray skies hovering over your home. It’s storm season. You feel concerned that soon the outside elements will make their way inside your home due to the poor condition of your roof. This checklist will reference everything you need to know, and everything you need to do to make your roof replacement seamless.

Check your ceiling and attic for water damage. Much of the time roofs may appear to be in working order on the outside. However, upon assessment of ceilings, homeowners may find stains or moisture residue. These things indicate that water is leaking into your home from the roof. This could be getting through the boot, loose or damaged shingles. Be sure to inspect ceilings and light fixtures for moisture and check your attic closely with a flashlight.

Inspect the area around your home. Check for damage to fences, trees, patios, and furniture. If these things are showing signs of weather damage, it is possible your roof is damaged as well. Be sure to inspect the ground for shingles or other objects that may have been blown off your roof.

Examine windows, gutters, and roofing accessories. Damage to gutters and roof vents may show roof damage you wouldn’t otherwise notice. It’s also important to check windows for cracks, loose weatherstripping, and torn screens.

Visually inspect your roof for visible damage. Walk the perimeter of your home and take note of any damage you find. Check for missing, damaged, cracked, or curled shingles. Pictures can be particularly helpful for your insurance company and contractor.

Contact your home insurance company. Have your damage assessment ready to report a claim to your insurance company.

Contact Guaranteed Roofing. We offer free estimates on the repair or replacement of your roof. We will be happy to inspect and write your insurance company a damage assessment and will even waive the letter fee when hired to do the job!

Click on the link below for a printable version of this checklist!

Guaranteed Roofing Storm Damage Checklist

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you don’t walk on your roof, instead allow a professional contractor to help you with your assessment. The roof is especially dangerous when roof shingles can be slippery, and the structure can be damaged.


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