Our Story


Who We Are


JPW Building, LLC is a full service contractor committed to quality  workmanship. We at JPW Building, LLC still have old fashion work ethics  with modern techniques to complete any project you may have. Taking  pride in the work being done is the main focus of our company and  employees.  

JPW Building, LLC has been a family  owned business in Eastern CT for over 20 years. The professionals at JPW  Building, LLC are committed to maximizing your biggest investment with  the latest materials and construction methods. We make use of energy  efficient products and sustainable resources with every building project  possible, to increase the value and reduce energy costs.  

With  over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, JPW Building,  LLC has completed all types of new home construction and remodeling  projects along with many commercial projects. We are committed to  helping you make the most out of your investment. Whether you are  planning to remodel or building brand new, you can trust us to be sure  that you are getting the best materials and workmanship.  

JPW  Building, LLC is compliant with all state regulations and is fully  insured with both general liability and workers compensation insurance. 

Our Mission

We're  passionate about delivering an exceptional building experience. When you  hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and  skilled to deliver lasting value to your project.

We apply the most innovative and cutting edge designs in today's  residential and commercial building markets. You can rely on our  professional team to deliver your project on time and on budget.   

Leave it to Us

 We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll  always choose us for your building and  remodeling needs. We  want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We  genuinely care about your project and your experience, and it shows.   

Fully Licensed and Insured in Connecticut and Rhode Island!

See what a recent customer has to say:

"We highly recommend JPW Building LLC for any home construction, repair, remodeling or other contract work needed.  Jeff and his team of employees including his office staff were friendly, knowledgeable, eager to assist in ensuring what we were most concerned about was accomplished to our satisfaction. As a contractor, Jeff not only hires reputable companies to perform their portion of the work, but also personally checks the work while it is being done or when completed.  JPW Building initially built our garage.  They were the most reasonable bidder and during the meeting made us feel comfortable that he was listening to what we wanted and what we did not want.  We were delighted with the results, both the garage and the pricing.  Also we hired JPW to install barn windows, they were completely deteriorated and now beautiful.  JPW stayed within our budget, and the garage is just what we wanted. Additionally, JPW cleaned up and had to change our landscape around the garage, which we could not picture, but turned out great!  

Our total experience  with the JPW team led by Jeff determined that we wanted this company to remodel our kitchen.  We did not even put the job out for bidding, we were confident that we would get the best possible work at the best possible price with JPW and we sure did! We had priced out materials at home depot and Lowes, but Jeff found better material at better prices allowing us more cabinets and specialties, like slide out shelves, 6" pullouts instead of spacers, and a trash center.  JPW removed all of our dark paneling, old popcorn ceilings, installed cabinets, flooring (see below comment), lights, oven, cooktop, molding, backsplash, painted, and oversaw the countertop installation (helped with problems with the countertop people)  We trusted JPW, and went on vacation while he remodeled our kitchen!!  

We are on a fixed income, and there were no hidden costs or surprises at the end.  In fact when the floor that we selected had some manufacturing defects, JPW worked above and beyond to ensure the manufacturer gave us an even better floor than we would have had or did select.  We are completely satisfied and highly recommend JPW Building LLC for any work.  When we need a new roof in a few years, we will hire JPW Building!" - Lori B.