How to Replace Your Roof

If you’re the typical person, you will be hiring a company to take care of your roof replacement. Here are the steps on how to replace your roof.

1) Research multiple CT roofers

It’s important to find reputable contractors. The best places to look are Google, your local newspapers/town periodicals, and referrals from friends or family. Before scheduling an appointment with any contractor, we suggest looking them up on The Better Business Bureau, Google, and reviewing their website. In 2020, all reputable contractors will have a listing with The BBB and their own, user-friendly webpage. Make sure you see that they have experience in the type of work you’re looking for and positive reviews.

2) Compile a list

We recommend reviewing multiple contractors and narrowing your options down to two or three options. Your top choices should be roofers with positive online reviews, an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau, active social media webpages, and photos of their previous work on their website.

3) Contact your list of Connecticut roofing companies

There are multiple ways to do this. The most common is to call the phone number listed on their website, emailing, or sending a message through the roofer’s website (something like this). When you contact them, make sure you ask them these six questions. As long as the answers to these questions are positive, feel free to schedule an appointment for the roofing contractor to measure your home and give you a quote!

4) The appointment

During the appointment, it is typical for the Connecticut contractor to visually inspect your home. This may or may not include measuring, some roofers use software that measures your home from a satellite map. Once any measuring or inspection is through, they will usually sit down with you and discuss their product. A good contractor will provide you a copy of their insurance, license, and roofing style samples. It is important that you fully understand the warranty they are providing, so ask any questions if you aren’t clear! We also recommend asking if they are pro contractors for the shingles they install. Shingle manufacturers have a certification process that allows roofing contractors to call themselves “_____ Pros” or something like that. For example, Guaranteed Roofing is a Tamko Pro Contractor, Owens Corning Pro, and GAF Pro. This means that these manufacturers have completely vetted our company and process to ensure that we are shingle installation experts. Often, these certifications require continuing education hours and to do a certain number of roofs to maintain professional status. Be sure to ask the contractor you’re meeting any questions you can think of. They should be accommodating and happy to answer them.

5) Choosing a roofer

After the appointments, you have a decision to make. This can be a difficult decision, or sometimes an easy one on which Connecticut roofing company to hire. You have to make sure the company you hire checks all of the boxes we talked about earlier and has good answers to these questions. Other than that, it’s about choosing someone your comfortable with, has good reviews, and a fair price. It’s important to note that choosing a roofer based solely on price is a very dangerous game to play. The roof is arguably the most important part of your home – hire someone who has proven multiple times that they can get the job done right.

6) The rest

After you’ve signed the contract and gave the contractor your deposit, you can relax! The roofer you choose should take care of the rest. Most homes should be roofed within one or two days, then they will schedule a time to talk with you to be sure you’re happy with their work and collect the final check. To schedule an appointment with us, click here!


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