How to Hire the Right Contractor


We have heard many times from customers that they felt overwhelmed when beginning the process of hiring a contractor. The great news is that it isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem! We’re going to explain what the essential things are to look for when hiring someone and how to make sure you can find a responsible, qualified contractor to take care of your needs!

1) Only speak with licensed/registered contractors

In most states, contractors need to be approved and licensed in order to legally work in their state. It is critical that contractors you speak to are licensed by their state.

2) Protect yourself!

You don’t want anyone working on your home who isn’t insured. It is your right to have your contractor show you a proof of insurance. Make sure they are covered for commercial general liability, automotive liability and workers compensation liability.

3) Better Business Bureau 

A great way to do a preliminary check on contractors is to make sure they have a positive rating on The Better Business Bureau helps United States consumers find businesses and charities they can trust by checking them and receiving complaints from customers. Our company is proud to say we hold an A+ BBB rating, which is the highest possible credential.

4) Do your research!

Thanks to the internet, we can gather a plethora of information about any person or company we want. We have websites like Google, Facebook, and others which allow customers to leave reviews. This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a company to perform work for you. Make sure to always search companies you are speaking with to learn what other people have to say about them! It is also a perfectly reasonable request to ask a contractor to provide names and phone numbers of references that will speak to you on their behalf.


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