Steps for how to file a roof insurance claim

Oh no. If you are reading this article it may mean that you sustained roof damage from a recent storm. Although it is unfortunate that this happened, it is likely that your insurance company will cover your roof repair or roof replacement. Filing a roof insurance claim seems like a daunting process, but with direction and a friendly insurance company, the process can be smooth. Let us walk you through how to file a roof insurance claim.

how to file a roof insurance claim

1. Assess and document your roof damage

The first step is to get a good look at your roof damage. The most important part of this step is to ensure your safety! Please, allow your local roofing company to do all of the walking and inspecting on your roof. It if okay for you to get a look at the damage from the ground, but your roofing professional should be the person walking your roof. While maintaining safety, walk the perimeter of your home, and get pictures of the damage from the ground. Keep in mind, there could be hazardous electrical wires or unstable trees to watch out for. Safety is one of the most important parts of how to file a roof insurance claim.

2. Get in touch with your insurance company

You will want to find out exactly what your insurance company covers and how they can help you in a particular instance. If the damage is covered, they can instruct you on how to file a claim. They will take you through their steps and if the damage may or may not be covered. Expect them to send an insurance adjuster to your home to visually inspect the damage or fly a drone over your home. Also, it is especially important to be timely in contacting the insurance company. Some of them have specific timelines for how soon you need to file a claim in order for it to be covered.

3. Find a roofing company to assess your damage and give you a quote

The next step is to contact a roofing company to get a professional opinion on the damage. They will inspect the damage, take pictures, and may even use a drone for their assessment. Be sure they provide a written quote, detail what the problem is, and provide a solution. Your local roofing company can also help teach you how to file a roof insurance claim.

It is not uncommon for them to find some other issues with the roof and communicate their concerns with the insurance company. Some roofing companies have customers sign contingency agreements prior to providing quotes. Many roofing companies like to have the agreement signed with the homeowner that the job will be theirs prior to discussing the job with the insurance company. Make sure you find a trustworthy and reputable roofing company to do your work.

4. File your roof insurance claim

After speaking with your insurance agent, it is time to file your claim by phone or online. Be sure to keep an accurate record of photos, quotes, and any receipts for anything related to the roof damage or leaking. Your insurance adjuster will likely visit your home to get an idea of the damage and take pictures. Your turnaround for the claim should be quick because insurance companies know how important roof repair is.

5. Repair or replace your roof

Here is the last step of How to file a roof insurance claim. Once your claim has been approved at a fair adjustment, it is time to fix your roof. It is time to hire your local roofing company to complete the work.


We hope that this how to file a roof insurance claim guide has been useful. If you have any questions regarding the process or would like Guaranteed Roofing to perform your southern New England roof replacement or roof repair, please contact us at (860) 546-6292. Our expert roofing company has been serving Connecticut since 1994 and is committed to leaving our customers satisfied throughout their project.

Specializing in residential and commercial roofing, Guaranteed Roofing is here to help you throughout the process and will teach you how to file a roof insurance claim. Our roof insurance claim specialists will help you get a fair assessment of your damage.

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