Ice Dams 101

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Ice Dams 101   What is an ice dam? An ice dam is a build-up of ice and snow on the edge of sloped roofs. Ice dams can cause significant property damage and health problems. How do they form? Ice dams form when snow accumulates and freezes at the edge of your roof. New rain […]

Common Winter Roofing Problems

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Common Winter Roofing Problems The winter weather we experience in New England can be very hard on residential and commercial roofing. A roof can experience a wide variety of problems that could lead to expensive repairs or roof replacement. Here are some of the most common Winter roofing problems to avoid.   Ice dams These […]

How to Clean Gutters

How to Clean Gutters Guaranteed Roofing

How to Clean Gutters Gutters are often overlooked but are an important part of your home. They act to move water away from your roof, walls, foundation, and basement. Heavy rain without gutters can cause serious damage to your home due to water seeping into places that it shouldn’t. The first step is to make […]

Your Home Storm Damage Checklist


The wind whirling, rain coming down in buckets, and dark gray skies hovering over your home. It’s storm season. You feel concerned that soon the outside elements will make their way inside your home due to the poor condition of your roof. As a Connecticut roofer, we feel the frustration from homeowners constantly. This checklist […]

Does the Sun Hurt My Roof?

Summer is quickly coming to a close! This season in Connecticut has been one with brutally hot, sunny, and days with erratic temperatures. We have all heard the push from the medical community warning about the dangers of the sun on our skin, but does the sun hurt my roof? UV Rays If you can […]

Simple Roof Care Tips for the Winter

Winter is one of the toughest periods for your roof. With freezing temperatures and heavy rain/snow, it’s certainly not a great time to be experiencing damage or leaks. To help prevent costly damage, check these simple winter roof care tips, most of which you can do quickly yourself. 1. Look out for ice dams Ice […]

Protecting Your Roof From Storm Damage

Your roof sustains a lot in its lifetime, intense summer heat, torrential downpours, and potentially more damaging storms. With recent bad weather here in Connecticut and more serious storms on the way, what should you do to minimize the chance of damage to your roof? Here are ways to protect your roof from storm damage. […]

Summertime Roof Maintenance

Summertime…what an awesome time of year, sunshine, warm temps and fun days! As you know, with warm temperature comes the threat of severe weather which can produce strong winds, heavy rain and even hail. Let’s take a look at some of the summer roof maintenance actions you can take to protect your roof. One precaution […]