Guaranteed Roofing Is a Google Guaranteed Roofing Contractor


JPW Building LLC – Guaranteed Roofing Is a Google Guaranteed Roofing Contractor in Connecticut and Rhode Island! After months of substantial research, background checks on our employees and owner, and a good amount of five-star reviews, Guaranteed Roofing is a Google Guaranteed roofing contractor! This means that Google is so confident in our business that […]

How to Build a New Home


How To Build a New Home In Connecticut Wondering how to build a new home in Connecticut? It can seem like a very daunting process, but we can help. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a new home. Step one: Set the right budget for your needs As a potential […]

Why You Should Invest in a New Garage


Are you on the fence about building a new garage? Here are seven reasons to build a new garage with expert garage builders JPW Building LLC. 1. Your old garage is unsafe Currently, your garage is outdated and in need of repair. If your garage is structurally weak, it could fall apart, putting yourself, your […]

Should you Repair or Replace Your Flat Roof?

If your flat roof is leaking, you’re not alone.  It’s a common problem with flat roofs and even with routine maintenance problems can still occur.  The question is when you’re faced with flat roof problems, is it best to go for a repair or complete replacement? Deciding between a repair or replacement is always best […]

Best Additions to Your New Deck


New Deck Design Ideas The weather in Connecticut is starting to get better and better as we head into the spring and early summer. You know what that means, more time outside! This time of the year we continually field inquiries about new deck building. Many people are looking for the best way to design […]

Where Is My Roof Leaking?


April showers bring…you know the rest of the saying. Every year, spring brings Connecticut rain. With that rain, homeowners will commonly notice roof leaking. This roof leaking can come in the form of slow drips that occasionally make their way into the bucket you found in your garage and brought into your kitchen. Or, they […]

Roof Inspection Checklist

Norwich, CT Roof Replacement

Although you may not think about it, your roof takes a lot of abuse over the course of its lifespan. In particular, the weather we experience in New England can be very difficult. It isn’t totally uncommon for us to have 80-degree days and snowstorms within a week! As we approach spring, let our Connecticut […]

Recovering from Winter Roof Damage


Winter in New England can be brutal. Thankfully, our 2020 winter has been relatively tame compared to recent years. Although we got off lucky this year, there’s still a chance your home sustained some winter roof damage while battling the elements. Here are some ways to begin recovering from winter roof damage. Ice dams Ice […]

Connecticut Online Safety Tips During the Coronavirus


The 2019 novel coronavirus is clearly putting our health at risk, but it’s also causing a flurry of new scams that puts our identities and wallets at risk. Scammers are taking advantage of the fear that COVID-19 has put into Americans by developing new ways to steal from innocent people. Our construction company in Connecticut […]

COVID-19 Response


These are difficult times that we’re living in. At the time of writing this article, the United States of America has surpassed all other nations in the World in confirmed cases of COVID-19. It’s critical that we come together in this challenging time to help lessen the spread of Coronavirus. Due to this, we’ve made […]